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jasmine dragon pearl tea

Jasmine Dragon Pearl (Green Tea)

Jasmine Dragon Pearl (also known as “Buddha Tears”) is a Green Tea with few peers. Entire young tea leaves are plucked and then hand-rolled with jasmine petals, making it the queen of jasmine-infused teas. When infused, the pearls unroll to reveal entire, long, needle type leaves and jasmine petals. As such this tea requires no straining, just gently decant while pouring. Drinking this tea is not only a sublime experience it also improves cardiovascular health, lowers cholesterol and protects from free radicals within the body. Only two pearls per cup & can be re-infused a number of times.  

Ingredients – Organic young green tea leaves and Jasmine flower petals 

Okinawa tea

Okinawan Green Tea

From the Japanese district of Okinawa, this mellow tea is fast gaining popularity amongst the health-conscious. Okinawans drink more tea per capita and have the lowest obesity rate worldwide (less than 6%). This has led to many studies to see if the two are linked.  It is also known to help lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease which are often associated with obesity.   

A beautiful, high grade leaf tea, with a very smooth flavour, that can be re-infused a number of times. It’s mellow and sweet and brews to a bright green colour when infused.  

Ingredients – Organic green tea leaves 

genmai cha

Genmaicha Green Tea

This Japanese favourite is full of health benefits. Not only does it enhance digestion and drain toxins from the body it also boosts immunity and helps balance blood sugar and reduce cravings. Rich in selenium it greatly assists the regulation of thyroid hormones.

A great ‘savoury’ tea. Also known as ‘Bubble Tea’ or ‘Brown Rice Tea’.

Ingredients – Organic bancha green tea and roasted popped rice 

oolong tea

Ti Kuanyin Oolong Tea

Ti Kuanyin or Iron Goddess of Mercy tea is one of the most famous oolong teas in the world. Literally translated, Oolong means Black Dragon and these teas are highly sought after for their depth of flavour, fully developed aroma and digestive properties. Oolong makes a good after meal cuppa. The 2nd and 3rd infusion tastes the best. Oolong teas are often marketed as weight loss teas, as they aid digestion. This Oolong tea is grown in the famous Wuyi Mountain in China. It is self-drinking, meaning no additives (such as milk or sugar) are recommended.   

pu-erh tea

Pu-erh Tea

A rich, earthy tasting tea known to be a digestive aid and an enemy to cholesterol. Adding milk is not recommended for this tea, though not entirely discouraged. Try it both ways and see what suits your taste.

jasmine tea

Pu-erh & Chrysanthemum Tea

This special blend of Pu-erh with Chrysanthemum flowers is very popular in Hong Kong. It is commonly served in many Chinese restaurants, especially during a Dim Sum meal. Not only is it delicious, but it is considered particularly good for cooling internal heat, as well as being able to assist the digestion of oily foods. The sweetness of the Chrysanthemum flowers nicely complements the earthy taste of Pu-erh, creating a healthy and soothing tea with a subtle sweet floral fragrance. Chrysanthemum is particularly helpful in alleviating hayfever symptoms, headaches, halitosis and body heat.

Ingredients – Organic chrysanthemum flowers and Pu-erh tea

berrylicious tea

Berrylicious Tisane

This is a naturally sweet berry tisane, expertly blended to create a deep red infusion with a strong fruity flavour.  Rich in vitamin C which has been proven to strengthen the immune system. Enjoyed hot or cold.  It can also be used to make jellies.

Ingredients – Organic Strawberries, Rhubarb, Apple, Elderberries, Beetroot, Hibiscus, Blackberries and Red Currants

digestive health tea

Digestive Health Tonic

An organic blend of green papaya, turmeric and pineapple which, when combined, are most effective in breaking down meats and other proteins, excreting waste and reducing inflammation in the body.

Can be enjoyed as a tea, mixed with warm milk or even fresh pineapple juice. 

Ingredients – Organic Papaya, turmeric and pineapples 

healthy pregnancy tea

Healthy Pregnancy Tisane

Pregnancy is a special time so it’s only appropriate that we have a tisane dedicated entirely to this special period. Something to make childbirth a little easier and relieve some of the more common ailments experienced during this time. Taken from 32 weeks onwards, this brew can help ease morning sickness and constipation. Rich in vitamin C, it is a natural tonic to help keep sniffles at bay. Nettle has long been known as a digestive aide and hair replenisher while working to reduce the severity of leg cramps and backaches.  

NB: Please seek medical advice if you have concerns about taking a raspberry leaf infusion or are unsure whether any of the herbs will react with your physical condition or medication. 

Ingredients - Organic Raspberry leaves, Rosehip, Nettle, Rose, Ginger root & Peppermint.