About Us

Our dedicated team of TCM practitioners and massage therapists have a passion for what they do. They take the time to listen, and use this information to help guide you in a direction of preventative care, so to optimize your health care regime.

Our Five Pillars of Health

Now and then, we need a reminder of how important the simple things are when it comes to our overall health: Sleep, Move, Eat, Breathe and Energy. These five pillars are the foundation upon which we can build. Without it, our physical and mental well-being will remain unstable and unbalanced.
  • 1. Sleep

    The first ring relates to the heart/pericardium/small intestine (fire) it represents sleep and meditation.

  • 2. Eat
    The second ring relates to the Spleen/stomach (earth) it represents food and nutrition.
  • 3. Breath
    The Third ring relates to the lung/large intestine (metal) it represents breath.
  • 4. Water
    The forth ring relates to the Kidney/bladder (water) it represents water/hydration.
  • 5. Movement
    The fith ring relates to the liver/gall baldder (wood) it represents movement.
The inner ring on our symbol represents the yin yang and shen. This circle is made up of our prenatal Qi 
This is formed from   -
Jing (yin- the essence of our body - like our fossil fuel our parent's DNA that comes from the merging of sperm and ovum).
Qi (Yang - the spark that ignites the heart to beat, the motion that supports our life source)
Shen (spirit - the line that separates the qi and the jing. When Jing and Qi are balanced the shen is calm. When they are unbalanced then emotional and physical problems start to rise. 
The inner-circle (yin yang) or prenatal/ ancestral energy is what we are born with, ( like fossil fuel our ancestral DNA).
The outer rings (the 5 elements) or postnatal energy come from the knowledge passed down from our ancestors on how to eat, sleep and exercise to keep the body healthy. These five elements keep the inner circle stable and balanced.
 Everything we do in our practice at the Rosanna Traditional Chinese medicine center is to support qi, jing, and shen,  these 5 rings are the pillars we use to diagnose, treat, & support the foundation of your body.