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ARTICLE - 15 NOV 2021

New Years Goal Setting: How to do it effectively

Many of us have tumultuous relationships with setting goals. There we are, New Years day, our desire and hope for bigger and better things is at its peak. We make a promise to ourselves that next year will be different. Our belief lasts the first few days, sometimes weeks, of January, but then the pain of change gets the better of us and we resort back into our previous way of being.

The biggest mistake we make is believing that we will be happier if we achieve our goals. ‘If I’m not happy now, I’ll strive to get something that will make me happy.’ My friends, I hate to inform you, but this sets us up on the hamster wheel of disappointment. The reason we have goals isn’t so we can achieve them and be happier than we are today, but so that we can encounter all of the obstacle that have prevented us from blossoming into the best version of ourselves. 

Here, we have put together the ultimate guide to setting goals for this New Years Eve. Grab your friends and family, equip everyone with pens and paper, and let’s set some goals, the RIGHT way! 

1. The first step is to ask yourself this question: Do you ever dream, or allow yourself to plan for what you want to create? 

2. Make a list of 5 things you want

3. Write about having achieved each of your goals from the PRESENT (first person) TENSE, writing as though you have already accomplished it. 

Get as specific with details as possible! 

4. Write down all thoughts of doubt, fear and shame that come up in relation to achieving your goals. 

If negative emotions don’t come up, you may not be stretching yourself far enough. Some examples may include ‘I don’t know,’ ‘I’m not sure,’ ‘I’m confused,’ ‘Maybe I should wait,’ That’s not possible for me,’ ‘I’m not good enough.’ ‘Everyone will think I’m crazy.’ 

5. From your PRESENT TENSE statements in Question 3, write about HOW you overcame all of your thoughts of doubt, fear and shame as though you have already accomplished your goals. 

When we write from a place of KNOWING, we’d be surprised how much wisdom we have access to within us. 

6. Writing from the same place as having already achieved your goal, write about HOW you did it, and what steps you took. 

You don’t have to know the intricate details of HOW, those are for future you to deal with. What’s most important is we give ourselves specific time frames to have accomplished each step toward the path of having achieved our goals.   

Once you’re done, stick the list of your goals somewhere you can read them EVERY DAY. Best of Luck!

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