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Changes to expect in YOUR body this Summer and what Foods you should be eating!

ARTICLE - 15 NOV 2021Changes to expect in YOUR body this Summer and what Foods you should be eating! In Summer, the dominating energy in our environment and body is...
New years fireworks

New Years Goal Setting: How to do it effectively

ARTICLE - 15 NOV 2021New Years Goal Setting: How to do it effectively Many of us have tumultuous relationships with setting goals. There we are, New Years day, our desire...

Can Acupuncture improve Tinnitus?

ARTICLE - 15 NOV 2021Can Acupuncture improve Tinnitus? Iranian investigators have found that acupuncture can reduce the severity of tinnitus. In their randomised trial, 88 patients suffering from chronic tinnitus...


ARTICLE - 15 NOV 2021Infertility Written by Lauren Pegoli Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a non-invasive option for couples choosing to conceive naturally or for those preparing for IVF. There...

Physical Arts

Chinese Physical Arts is the philosophy and practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for health of mind, body, and spirit. There are various styles of Chinese Physical Arts.

Styles which focus on qi manipulation are labeled as internal, while others concentrate on improving muscle and cardiovascular fitness and are labeled external. The Traditional Chinese Medicine community practices the internal physical arts for preventive and curative functions.

We'll be running more classes in 2022!
Click here to learn more about Tai Chi Classes!!

Tai Chi Classes will be back in 2022!

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Class – Yang Style / Beijing Short Form
  • Location

    Rosanna Baptist Church
    5 Waiora Road, Heidelberg Heights

  • Classes

    Every Monday (except Public Holidays)
    · Tai Chi & Qigong 6.00pm to 7.00pm

  • Teacher

    Tai Chi & Qigong – Gabriele Aspromonte

  • Cost

    Tai Chi $90 for 6 weeks ($18 per class)

  • Dress

    Comfortable, loose clothing (e.g. tracksuit, t-shirt, soft soled shoes)

  • Contact

    Please email or contact reception if you have any further questions.

Taichi exercise