Emma Trieu

Bodhisattva Healing Practitioner





Emma specialises in promoting healing through the release and cleansing of energies, fostering balance within the body.

Drawing on her expertise in various healing methods, she employs her innate 'clairsentience' to enhance overall well-being.

Experience deep transformation alongside Emma, a dedicated practitioner providing a journey into healing, happiness, and enlightenment. Emma has been guided by the teachings of Buddhism. With mentorship from esteemed Buddhist masters across Australia and Vietnam, including:

Venerable Master: CHIN KUNG, Venerable Master THICH THANH  TU, Venerable Master: THICH HUYEN VI, Venerable: THICH PHUOC TAN

Emma has nurtured a profound spiritual practice and a keen insight into the nature of enlightenment.

With more than thirty years of expertise in remedial bodywork, emotional therapy, and intuitive healing, Emma approaches each session with boundless passion and unwavering dedication. Her holistic treatments are thoughtfully tailored to address physical, emotional, and spiritual barriers, providing a pathway to profound healing and personal growth.

Beyond her spiritual endeavours, Emma's commitment to service shines through her extensive volunteer work at St. Vincent's Hospital, where she has specialised in caring for patients with chronic diseases, spinal injuries, physical trauma, and emotional distress for over 7 years. 

Additionally, Emma's compassionate spirit led her to support and oversee a nonprofit Chinese medicine clinic and shelter in Vietnam, providing shelter, food, and vital healing treatments to the homeless and less fortunate.

In all facets of her life, Emma radiates faith and grace, endeavouring to uplift and empower those she encounters. 

Discover the transformative potential of Emma's healing touch today, and embark on your own journey toward holistic well-being and inner peace.

Emma is fluent in English and Vietnamese.

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