Angela Koutsofrigas

Registered Practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine

Registration number: CMR0001739740


Angela can help you with:

  • Fertility
  • Period pain and PMS
  • Hormones & menstrual cycle
  • Support through Reproductive Treatment - IVF and ICSI
  • Pregnancy & natural labour preparation
  • Mental & emotional disorders
  • Cosmetic acupuncture

Angela is a registered Acupuncturist with AHPRA and a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and also qualified Chinese Medicine Physician (BHSc).

Angela is a qualified and registered Practitioner of Chinese medicine. With an strong interest in holistic medicine led Angela to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. Angela has over 20 years experience in private practice. Angela combines the modern with the classics using primary and complement channel theory in her treatments. Her passion is in women's health, fertility, pregnancy, mental/emotional disorders and pain management. In addition, she uses an integrated approach in all her treatments as a qualified yoga teacher and birth educator, this further supports her patients to achieve the best possible health outcomes.


There are varying aspects that maybe getting in the way of someone trying to conceive.  Angela is an experienced fertility practitioner, her bottom line is healthy eggs and healthy sperm make healthy babies, so the best outcomes occur when both parents are on board with fertility treatment and support. 

Angela will conduct a thorough fertility check so she can look at the big picture of what may be getting in the way of your efforts to conceive. Below are some of the things she will cover and help you to better understand:

  • BBT charting, Bi phasic cycle, Period pain and PMS, Diagnosis of PCOS / endometriosis / fibroids, Recurrent miscarriage, Nutrition and Fertility, Adrenal support and stress relief, Fatigue and overall wellness, Sperm analysis, Men's Reproductive Health

It is recommended that you undertake 3 months of treatment before trying to conceive

Assisted Reproductive Treatment - IVF and ICSI

Support through IVF and ICSI:

  • Pre and post transfer support
  • Pain management 
  • Stress relief


Discovering you're pregnant can be a time of great happiness and elation. This feeling can often be tempered by all the typically occurring symptoms that may present in the first trimester like fatigue, morning sickness, food aversions, headaches heartburn and constipation. Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment maybe able to assist women in this first phase of pregnancy.

Second trimester is sometimes referred to as the 'golden time' in pregnancy. Women often reclaim their energy and have an easier time both physically and emotionally. This is an ideal time for chinese medicine and acupuncture to support in self care, bodywork and to with Angela's expertise become informed about the type of birth you want for you and your baby.

Labour preparation

Providing acupuncture to support the labour process in the third trimester can be beneficial physical structural changes  growing baby and the changes in stability from the release of the hormone relaxin' will often place strain on the body. Women often experience pelvic girdle pain, back pain, pubic symphis pain and general discomfort. Keeping the sacrum and pelvis mobile will help ease pain and better prepare the body for an easier birth. Acupuncture and bodywork (including prenatal massage) can help to bring ease during this time.

Weekly acupuncture treatment from 36 weeks can help prepare the mind and body for the impending birth. As a birth educator, Angela uses these treatment sessions to better inform the birthing mother and equip her with practical birthing skills and knowledge. Deeply nourishing and informing this is an important time for mum and baby to tune in and together prepare for the upcoming birth.

Post Partum​

The first 40 days after birth, referred to as the 4th trimester, is a time of great adjustment and change for every new mother. In traditional Chinese culture and other cultures this postnatal period is seen as an opportunity to support the new mother so that she is better able to care for her baby. Much emphasis is placed on the diet of the mother during this time to replenish her and build her stores for recovery and to supply her baby with nourishment. Chinese herbs and nutritional advice is imperative during this time and acupuncture can help restore women's energy and balance. A postnatal treatment may also include hot oil massage to ease pain and discomfort, acupuncture to restore the nervous system and mother 'warming - a time honoured tradition of burning mugwort to deeply nourish and warm the uterus.

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